The Chengdu Street Snack App

I’ve been working with app company Rama Tours to produce my own iPhone app with recommendations for the best street snack spots in my hometown Chengdu. I’m excited to tell you that it will be launched soon in the App Store!

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction.

Known as the land of plenty, Sichuans food history can be traced back thousands of years. Its capital, Chengdu, was a key trade outpost along the Southern Silk Road, and as exotic spices and ingredients were brought in from all over the world, the citys food culture became second to none.

To this day, Chengdu is a food-crazed city. Locals love to eat, and while theres constant innovation in food, traditional dishes and flavours have stood the test of time. Chengdu has also made a mark on the world culinary stage, being named a Unesco City of Gastronomy in 2010.

There are literally thousands of mouthwatering dishes in Sichuan cuisine, but some of the simplest ones, which trace their beginnings to street carts, are also the tastiest. Ask locals about their favourite dishes, and the answer is likely xiaochi, the nostalgic street snacks from their childhood.

Like them, some of my earliest food memories go back to weekend breakfasts with my family in our favourite neighbourhood haunts, wolfing down noodles and red chili oil wontons. These were my first encounters with truly mind-blowing flavour and the beginning of my culinary journey.

Join me as we hit the streets of Chengdu for a taste of its famous street snacks. Slurp up a delicious bowl of sweet and spicy tianshui noodles, nibble your way through savoury jiaoyan cookies made from salt and Sichuan peppercorn, soak up the atmosphere in a traditional tea garden, and learn the stories behind all of the citys famous snacks. Get ready for the taste adventure of your life!


The Chengdu Street Snack App

Chengdu Snack App - Jing Theory



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