Saying Goodbye to The Kitchen God

The day after Trump’s inauguration, I was in Tokyo doing some food ‘research’ on route back from my pop up dinner in Niseko. An American friend of mine Elizabeth, who had moved there a couple years back, invited me to join her and some others on a march at Hibiya Park, one of the 676 sister marches planned around the globe in alliance with the Women’s March on Washington. About 650 of us, mostly expats, traversed the city in a respectful, quiet and distinctly Japanese fashion, in a neat double file to the side of traffic on the road.  Later that night, I returned to my Airbnb in Shibuya and watched as Gloria Steinem declared that “God may…

Snacking Chengdu • Jing Theory The archway greeting your entry, with Safe, government issued stalls with snow pear soup and 'iced sugar' fruit kebabs
One of several attractions along the way, a skilled craftsman blowing animal figurines out of a sugar concoction.
One of several attractions along the way, a skilled craftsman blowing animal figurines out of a sugar concoction.
This stall is the most photographed of all Chengdu street food, probably due to the colourful outfits and attractive chilies. In the first bamboo basket are 叶儿粑 Ye Er Ba, a classic. (Refer to the Snack A-Z below.)
Various meat skewers, pastries in a steamer.

Snacking Chengdu

Chengdu’s streets have seen a great transformation over the years. Once the capital of Shu State during the Three Kingdom period, the city has had a rich and colourful history. Food culture has been particularly important, in private homes, high-end establishments, and crowded streets. Street snacks in particular, have made a name for themselves around the world, and are my earliest encounter with truly mind-blowing flavour.

Not your average street fare, Chengdu’s snacks are diverse in selection and sophisticated in preparation, only sourcing the best ingredients, using intricate techniques passed down for generations. Once ubiquitous as ‘fly restaurants’ or street carts, they are becoming harder and harder to find due to recent government efforts to ‘clean’ city streets.

I’ve written previously about the impending death of food culture in Chengdu, and as if in attempt to preserve an…

Jing | 08.05.12 at 01:13 AM |
Chengdu Snack App • Jing Theory Chengdu Snack App • Jing Theory

The Chengdu Street Snack App Launches!

The Chengdu Street Snack App for the iPhone is finally here!

To get it, download the free Rama Travel app on your phone here, and then search by place, title or author for the “Chengdu Street Snack” by Jenny Gao. The app is just $0.99 and its a really good deal, because I’ll buy you a drink in return

The app includes top things to eat, maps of where to get them, and insider tips for ordering as well as a Chinese characters, pinyin and pronunciation guide. What’s great is that this app includes the ability to view the tour/maps offline once you purchase it. Perfect for overseas visitors and users without a 3G connection who want to explore food spots on the go.

This is my first app, its a work in progress and I will be updating it along the way. So please take a look and recommend it to your friends who are visiting Chengdu. Would love your feedback and ratings!

Thanks for all your support so far, much love xx

Please note the app is only compatible with iPhone,…

Jing | 10.04.12 at 12:00 PM |
Noma Copenhagen • Jing Theory A bouquet of malt flatbread and juniper Moss and Cep Pickled and smoked quail’s egg Pickled and smoked quail’s egg Bread Pork skin and black currant

Noma | Copenhagen

Dining at the world’s best restaurant comes with its own set of anticipation and expectation.

I approached this meal the way that I have often approached meals in the past, my frame of reference limited (I am by no means as well-traveled and well-dined as some of my blogger-counterparts) and judgement criterion somewhat skewed by my dining experiences to date. What is a lunch at the world’s best restaurant supposed to deliver? Will every course delight, bursting with transcendental flavours? Will this be the most enjoyable meal of my life to date?

It was immediately evident that the normal dining paradigms are not applicable here. If you come to Noma seeking comfort in taste and contented familiarity, you will likely leave feeling unfulfilled. Each dish in isolation wasn’t always exceptionally tasty, not being imbued with heavy-handed seasoning that has become conventional in North American or Asian cooking, and by which we tend to judge…

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