My Culinary Adventure in Chengdu Pt 1

I’ve been extremely lucky to have done a lot of cool things in my life, traveling the world over from the age of 5, eating in some of the world’s best restaurants, and fulfilling a lot of personal goals and aspirations along the way.

But nothing was quite as impactful as this past February, when I flew to Chengdu to join a film crew on the set of Ching He Huang and Ken Hom’s “Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure”. I was initially contacted by the producers to help with the planning of the Sichuan episode, but the more we talked the more they liked the story of my family in Chengdu, and so we became a major part of the script.

Growing up in the West, I never felt as connected to my family back home. All the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins were a warm set of faces and names that I got to know around a dinner table over important holidays, like Spring Festival, or Mid Autumn festival, only to fade into the background when we got on a plane to head back to …

Ching He Huang & Ken Hom – Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure: Episode 1

Part 1 of BBC documentary “Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure” with Ken Hom & Ching He Huang. Now playing on BBC 2

Excerpt from BBC website: In Beijing, Ken Hom and Ching-He Huang cook for world-class chefs before learning traditional cooking methods in the homes of ordinary Beijingers.

Some good first reviews from The Telegraph and Metro…

36 Hours In Shanghai - Jing Theory 9 a.m - The People’s Snacks Xiaoyangshenjian Shanghai First Food Store 上海第一食品店 (720 Nanjing East Road) 12 p.m. Lunch -  Whampoa Club 3 p.m.
Snack Time - Lin Long Fang (10 Jianguo Lu) Tianzifang at Taikang Lu

36 Hours In Shanghai – Food & Drink

So you are in Shanghai. Now what?

9 a.m.
The People’s Snacks

Head to People’s Square early to avoid traffic and chaos. Get dropped off at the corner of Huanghe Lu and Fengyang Lu and walk down the popular food street. There won’t yet be a line at Jiajiatangbao (90 Huanghe Lu), so settle down with a hot bowl of egg and seaweed soup and basket of crab roe xiaolongbao. Don’t forget to order sliced ginger on the side. Watch and learn how locals slurp their dumplings, and indulge in one of the most perfect foods in the world. Possibly the most talked about spot in Shanghai, you’ve finally tasted what all the fuss is about, and they weren’t lying.

That was a nice teaser, now walk across the street to Xiaoyangshenjian, the other fabled chain that serves what can be called the bastard brother of XLB, the shenjianbao. Rougher around the edges but just as delicious. Thick, bread-like pork buns are pan-fried and coated in sesame…

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