Saying Goodbye to The Kitchen God

The day after Trump’s inauguration, I was in Tokyo doing some food ‘research’ on route back from my pop up dinner in Niseko. An American friend of mine Elizabeth, who had moved there a couple years back, invited me to join her and some others on a march at Hibiya Park, one of the 676 sister marches planned around the globe in alliance with the Women’s March on Washington. About 650 of us, mostly expats, traversed the city in a respectful, quiet and distinctly Japanese fashion, in a neat double file to the side of traffic on the road.  Later that night, I returned to my Airbnb in Shibuya and watched as Gloria Steinem declared that “God may…

Tasteful Gift Giving • Jing Theory Jinhua ham speckled in a dish of cabbage in soup
A special delivery I was lucky enough to receive from family in Zhenjiang
The Pixian douban factory in Pixian county, Sichuan Sichuan peppercorn from Hanyuan county Mapo Tofu, one of the best uses of Sichuan peppercorn
Tasteful Gift Giving • Jing Theory

Tasteful Gift Giving

In this month’s deluge of holiday gift giving manuals and wishlists, I thought I’d contribute a few tasteful ideas of my own. After all, if it truly is better to give than to receive, what better way to reward our journeys to sainthood than with the most shareable gift of all, food. And if you, like me, have embraced the admonitory predictions in glossy magazine that one will inevitably gain ten to fifteen kilos over the holidays, you may as well consume only the most exquisite calories. Here are some delectable gifts to buy or not-so-subtly hint to receive that will give collective pleasure to all around the table.

Jinhua Ham One of the triumphs of Chinese cuisine is the delicate, dry-cured Jinhua ham from the town of the same name. Made from a local slow-bred pig called “two ends black” 兩頭烏 with black hair on its head and rump and a white midsection, only the hind legs of castrated pigs are traditionally used for their high fat content, which…

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My Culinary Adventure in Chengdu Pt 1

I’ve been extremely lucky to have done a lot of cool things in my life, traveling the world over from the age of 5, eating in some of the world’s best restaurants, and fulfilling a lot of personal goals and aspirations along the way.

But nothing was quite as impactful as this past February, when I flew to Chengdu to join a film crew on the set of Ching He Huang and Ken Hom’s “Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure”. I was initially contacted by the producers to help with the planning of the Sichuan episode, but the more we talked the more they liked the story of my family in Chengdu, and so we became a major part of the script.

Growing up in the West, I never felt as connected to my family back home. All the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins were a warm set of faces and names that I got to know around a dinner table over important holidays, like Spring Festival, or Mid Autumn festival, only to fade into the background when we got on a plane to head back to …

Ching He Huang & Ken Hom – Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure: Episode 1

Part 1 of BBC documentary “Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure” with Ken Hom & Ching He Huang. Now playing on BBC 2

Excerpt from BBC website: In Beijing, Ken Hom and Ching-He Huang cook for world-class chefs before learning traditional cooking methods in the homes of ordinary Beijingers.

Some good first reviews from The Telegraph and Metro…


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