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The Chengdu Street Snack App

I’ve been working with app company Rama Tours to produce my own iPhone app with recommendations for the best street snack spots in my hometown Chengdu. I’m excited to tell you that it will be launched soon in the App Store!

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction.

Known as the land of plenty, Sichuans food history can be traced back thousands of years. Its capital, Chengdu, was a key trade outpost along the Southern Silk Road, and as exotic spices and ingredients were brought in from all over the world, the citys food culture became second to none.

To this day, Chengdu is a food-crazed city. Locals love to eat, and while theres constant innovation in food, traditional dishes and flavours have stood the test of time. Chengdu has also made a mark on the world culinary stage, being named a Unesco City of Gastronomy in 2010.

There are literally thousands of mouthwatering dishes in Sichuan cuisine, but some of the simplest ones, which trace their beginnings…

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Courtyard Cooking in Beijiing Courtyard Cooking in Beijiing Courtyard Cooking in Beijing Courtyard Cooking in Beijing Courtyard Cooking in Beijing Courtyard Cooking in Beijing Courtyard Cooking in Beijing

Courtyard Cooking in Beijing • Hias Gourmet

My friend has opened up a private dining venue and small cooking school in the heart of Beijing’s hutongs. The small courtyard has just been outfitted with a slick Siemens kitchen and is now ready for private events and classes. I dropped by the other day for a tour and here are some photos. So cute! Its located just around the corner from my old courtyard apartment at Dongsishitiao, makes me miss living in Beijing…


Courtyard Cooking in Beijing • Hias Gourmet
For venue bookings and cooking class inquiries, email

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Chinese Breakfast • Jing Theory Chinese Breakfast • Jing Theory From left: salted duck egg, pickled turnip with sesame, pickled green beans and chilies, thousand year old egg in sweet soya sauce Cake made of red dates Pickled onion bulbs Fried peppers with fermented black beans Fresh green dates

Chinese Breakfast

One of the things I miss the most about home is breakfast.

I’m not talking about just any breakfast you can find in a diner, or even a roadside restaurant in China. This is the stuff you can only find at home, and every Chinese home has its own traditions.

There’s the Cantonese tradition of yum cha- or dim sum, in the North where wheat is abundant, theres steamed, stuffed buns and deep fried dough sticks, in Yunnan its bowls of rice noodles in soup, and in Sichuan there’s dumplings and noodles slathered in chili oil- yes, even at 7 in the morning.

My family always liked variety, some days its lao zao- a fermented glutinous rice wine with rice balls, dates, osthmanthus flower buds, some days its deep fried crullers with freshly made hot soybean milk. Most days its congee with plenty of savoury side dishes to go with it. There’s something about congee that is so immensely satisfying. Its hearty, you can put anything in it from beans to fish to pork, and its…


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