Ceramic ware made by Yu Zhi Lan in Jingdezhen 'Golden thread noodles' - hand cut noodles made with duck egg yolk, with highly prized Tibetan caterpillar fungus Yu Zhi Lan's handmade custom pottery from Jingdezhen 8 appetizers Five colour noodles with strange-flavoured sauce, and lamb stomach mushroom Corn fritter Deep sea cucumber in hot and sour broth

Chengdu – Yu Zhi Lan


Fuchsia Dunlop deserves a lot of credit for being the only serious writer in the West who has consistently championed Chinese chefs over the years, and with beautifully evocative prose. Her coverage of Yubo and Dai Jianjun among others have ostensibly been responsible for launching these chef’s into the global limelight, and helped spawn a new wave of interest in China’s rich culinary heritage. Her latest story in FT about rising Chengdu chef Lan Guijun is no exception. I’m consistently impressed by her pulse on the Chengdu scene and intimacy with its key players despite being based in London.  Lan Guijun is a chef who has long been well-known amongst culinary aficionados in Chengdu, but only in the last few years morphed into his current incarnation; ambassador of refined Chinese gastronomy.  After disappearing off the scene in a long sabbatical during which time he studied traditional cuisine and the…

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Chengdu Instead of Beijing: NYMag's winter travel feature

New York Magazine

New York Magazine Winter Travel 2013
“Chengdu Instead of Beijing” by Justin Bergman

The question I get asked most frequently is, “What do I eat when I go to Chengdu?”
I was interviewed by New York Magazine on this topic and here they are.


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BBC Exploring China A Culinary Adventure


“Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure” BBC 

Filming the BBC documentary “Exploring China” with celebrity chefs Ken Hom and Ching He Huang in my hometown Chengdu, and cooking with my family at home.…

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Vice – Fresh Off the Boat

Filmed with Taiwanese-American chef Eddie Huang in the Shanghai episode of “Fresh off the Boat”, an award-winning show on Vice.com…


Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler – 7 Short Breaks from Shanghai

My article for Conde Nast Traveller on short escapes out of Shanghai…

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CBN Weekly

CBN Weekly

Interview with CBN Weekly on my journey to food blogging, and my relationship with my Chinese culture and family through food.…

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