Tasteful Gift Giving • Jing Theory Jinhua ham speckled in a dish of cabbage in soup
A special delivery I was lucky enough to receive from family in Zhenjiang
The Pixian douban factory in Pixian county, Sichuan Sichuan peppercorn from Hanyuan county Mapo Tofu, one of the best uses of Sichuan peppercorn
Tasteful Gift Giving • Jing Theory

Tasteful Gift Giving

In this month’s deluge of holiday gift giving manuals and wishlists, I thought I’d contribute a few tasteful ideas of my own. After all, if it truly is better to give than to receive, what better way to reward our journeys to sainthood than with the most shareable gift of all, food. And if you, like me, have embraced the admonitory predictions in glossy magazine that one will inevitably gain ten to fifteen kilos over the holidays, you may as well consume only the most exquisite calories. Here are some delectable gifts to buy or not-so-subtly hint to receive that will give collective pleasure to all around the table.

Jinhua Ham One of the triumphs of Chinese cuisine is the delicate, dry-cured Jinhua ham from the town of the same name. Made from a local slow-bred pig called “two ends black” 兩頭烏 with black hair on its head and rump and a white midsection, only the hind legs of castrated pigs are traditionally used for their high fat content, which…

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