Noma Copenhagen • Jing Theory A bouquet of malt flatbread and juniper Moss and Cep Pickled and smoked quail’s egg Pickled and smoked quail’s egg Bread Pork skin and black currant

Noma | Copenhagen

Dining at the world’s best restaurant comes with its own set of anticipation and expectation.

I approached this meal the way that I have often approached meals in the past, my frame of reference limited (I am by no means as well-traveled and well-dined as some of my blogger-counterparts) and judgement criterion somewhat skewed by my dining experiences to date. What is a lunch at the world’s best restaurant supposed to deliver? Will every course delight, bursting with transcendental flavours? Will this be the most enjoyable meal of my life to date?

It was immediately evident that the normal dining paradigms are not applicable here. If you come to Noma seeking comfort in taste and contented familiarity, you will likely leave feeling unfulfilled. Each dish in isolation wasn’t always exceptionally tasty, not being imbued with heavy-handed seasoning that has become conventional in North American or Asian cooking, and by which we tend to judge…

Jing | 12.03.12 at 12:00 PM |
Noma Interior Paris Sushi printanier ail frais- sushi rice draped with a thin slice of red beetroot, with garlic oil and shredded horseradish Passard's famous millefeuille with flavour du jour- a light combo of pear and mint hiding between the exceptionally fine layers of pastry. Drizzled with caramel and a dust of powdered sugar, this came as close to heaven as I could imagine. Streets of Copenhagen at night A dish of perfectly done Norwegian scallops came served on a 'rockbed' of chamomile flower buds with little mounds of lemon puree and a sprig of thyme. The dish evoked images of the sea, and our instruction to eat it with our hands was a nice play on foraging our own fresh catch. Bisque of Chamomile Flower. A hollowed-out bowl arrived emitting a cloud of liquid nitrogen smoke.

Eurobinge ’11: Paris & Copenhagen

This, along with many other posts, are dearly overdue. Since around October last year, my life has been a nonstop roller coaster ride of passport stamps, time zones and calories. Excuses aside, here’s what I’ve been up to.

In October I made a pilgrimage to Zhenjiang with my mother to trace half my roots in the pastoral countryside bordering the Jiangsu capital. I met family I never knew I had, tasted true farm to table cooking, the fruits of their labour.

Soon after I flew to Paris and was enchanted by the city’s joie de vivre all over again, was tempted, very tempted to drop everything and enroll in the Ecole Ritz Escoffier.

The real excuse for the Eurotrip was a lunch date with fellow foodies at resto-mecca Noma in Copenhagen, where I discovered I dislike Scandinavian winters but very much like Nordic food- especially what they’re serving at Herman.

I then stopped by Milan to visit my parents and we took a memorable drive to nearby…


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