Can Jubany  • Jing Theory Restaurant entryway tasting menu The first amuse that arrived was a plate of hot macademia nuts coated in a crispy golden batter, followed by a second plate of crisp puff pastry topped with a glorious slice of jamon iberico, golden caviar and flecks of sea salt. A waitress then arrived with a loaded cart of what appeared to be scientific kitchen tools, and whipped up a batch of 'solid limoncello' by our table. What ended up looking like white, fluffy popcorn was refreshingly icy and concentrated with flavour. Our third amuse was a light consome poured over a thin parmesan crisp Then came the first course, puffy bread cake with sweetened fig and foie. Probably my favourite dish of the day, the combination of silky foie and sweetness of the fig sauce was an unbeatable combination.

Can Jubany – New Catalan cuisine in Barcelona

“In the centre of the Plain of Vic, on a slight rise near Calldetenes village, there is a welcoming traditional Catalan farmhouse, now a space for discovering a new concept in taste…”

This is all I allowed myself to read before arriving at Can Jubany’s quaint yet modern farmhouse restaurant an hour outside Barcelona. I previously had little interaction with Catalan cuisine and left both and mind and palate blank slates for the brief, food focused trip I took with four friends. Our party was as diverse as it comes with myself, Adlyn – Malay, Mayumi – Japanese, Adrien – French and Salome – Swiss, a truly global ensemble of serious gourmands.

We weren’t going to score reservations at El Bulli, so turned to other heavyweights during our short stay in Barcelona. After much deliberation, we settled upon El Cellar de Can Roca and Can Jubany for our two day trips out of the city. My friend Larissa turned me onto the latter after…

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